Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No dinner in North Carolina.

This afternoon I drove over to Hayesville North Carolina to meet Peyton at his new apartment. We unloaded the stuff I took him and started to assemble it all. It didn't take very long and afterwards I thought we would go out to get a bite to eat. He declined and said that since I was probably going to come back on Thursday we could just wait to eat out then. There are not a Lot of places to eat there but with in a few minutes driving there are a number of good places to eat, including Brasstown Valley Resort. It has always been a really nice place to eat and just be.

Tomorrow at 10:00 there is an auction in Ellijay of some of the furnishings that were salvaged from the old court house they tore down to build the new one. I think I will drive in since it is so early and see what they have up for sale.

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