Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday and more rain as promised

It has been a great day to sit around and catch up on some of my reading. I am almost through with "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. I read her "Poisonwood Bible" and enjoyed it very much as well. The AVM book is a must read for anyone interested in food and how it gets to your table. Plus a lot of interesting recipes for cooking what you can raise in your own back yard with a little work and luck.

In the last couple of months Linda and I have been catching up on some of the films we have missed since moving to Ellijay. We joined Netflicks and have found it very helpful and so convenient. We really enjoy it a lot. What with no real venue for the movies like we like to see, here in Ellijay Netflicks has filled a void. Some of the movies we have screened here at Big Creek are; The Dar Jeeling Limited, Old Joy, Venus, An American Crime, Mama Mia, The Visitor, We of the Never Never, The Savages, The Station Agent, Appaloosa, Hancock, Reservation Road, National Treasure II, The Band's Visit, Chop Shop, Shotgun Stories, W, Wall-E, Synedoche New York, I served the King of England, The Year My Parents Went on Vacation, Happy Go Lucky, Standard Operating Procedures, Let the Right One In, Miss Pettigreww Lives for a Day and Son of Rambow. THese all since January first. All in all it has been fun to see all the movies since we no longer have access to the Atlanta Art movie houses that show those kinds of movies. Some were really Good and some were really bad! Some we could not even finish they were so incredibly BAD. However I continue to have confidence in the movie making industry. Anyone who has been to some of the movies made this year and last year can tell, for sure that there is a huge transition taking place in that industry. Many of us may not like the direction it seems to be taking but in the movie making business as in all other aspects of life, only change is constant.

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