Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

This morning the rain woke me up well before sunrise. It was coming down pretty good and I just lay there and listened to it fall on the tin roof. Whether of not all this rain will make any difference this Summer will eventually become evident. Will it help with the drought situation we have had and continue to have here in North Georgia? All I can do is hope! I am so tired of the lack of precipitation in the Summer months with the ponds almost drying up completely and the stress put upon all my plants from the lack of water. It is a problem all over the south east but here at Big Creek it is especially critical. Oh well, enough of that!

Peyton met me in Ellijay yesterday and we had a nice visit. He had a dentist appointment and I didn't have any thing but just a day to spend with him. When I got home the chickens, who I had left out on Harry's property were all fine. One of them had walked around to the front entrance of the garden but was unhampered by the dogs or anything else. She seemed perfectly at home not bothered by any thing. The dogs had not even noticed her so far as I could tell. She was not afraid of them at all. She may ultimately be a "chicken snack" for them but so far, so good.

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