Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Again.....The Dentist

Yesterday Linda drove me down to Woodstock to get the next round of dental implants. I was put to sleep and it was over before I knew what had happened. The surgeon seems very competent and all that but it is so expensive. Beyond belief! There were two more that I had done and the implant is just one half of the expense. The regular dentist charges as much for the crown that goes on top of the implant and all in all it is around three thousand per tooth. That is if you don't have to have a "sinus lift" which is another thousand by itself. My face looks as though I have a grapefruit in my left cheek and shows no sign, so far of going down. It's really too soon but this is really aggravating. At this point in my life I guess it is this or, God forbid false teeth. Who the hell knows it may turn out to be both. After all dental implants are false teeth, they just do not come out.

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