Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Rib Shack

This afternoon I drove over to Hayesville and met Peyton at his apartment. We photographed some of his recent are work, which is really very nice. They are very complicated rectangular tube like structures that spin and twist all over the canvas. I really liked them a lot. Afterwards we drove over to the Rib Shack and ate BBQ. It was real;l;y quite good. When we left there we drove over to the dam on the lake over near Hiawassee. It was a beautiful spot and we plan to go fishing there one Saturday soon.

I will post a couple of his paintings on my Blogspot tomorrow if I can get them to work. I am having problems uploading photos for some reason. It's even worse on my email. I have just about quit sending photos because it is so aggravating.

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