Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Grief!

Wow! we have really had the rain this weekend! I swore last Summer that I would never again complain about the rain. I still stick by that but we have really had a lot recently. This weekend I have spent most of my time on the sleeping pourch out front reading, "The Hour I first Believed", by Wally Lamb. There are five other books I have started and plan to finish before I start any more. A couple of the other ones I am really into is "Dinner With Persephone", by Patricia Storace, which is one woman's story documenting her year in Greece. Particulary interesting as we just got back from there ourselves. "Loving Frank" by Nancy Hogan, is the story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the affair he had with the wife of a man he built a house for. I am also reading "Lord Elgin and the Marbles" by William St. Clair, not an easy read but fascinating anyway. Lastly Bric gave me "Gods in Alabama" by Joshilyn Jackson and I have just started it. There are others but I am not so happy with them so far. More later.

What fun the rain now affords me. Read, read and read! Oh, there is a fair amount of eating and sleeping as well.

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