Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, monday.....

This morning we awoke to a driving rainstorm. Linda drove down to do some shopping at the sample sale at the mart. I had to be at exit seven at 1:30 for the first re-check at the oral surgeon's. Every thing was well with me and going great according to him. I am still having some pain from the sinus lift but assume that is normal, more or less. The rain continues even at 6:30 PM and it looks as though it may continue into the night.

I drove on down to exit one, "Costco" and picked up the photos Peyton and I left there to be printed on Saturday, from our trip to Greece. The photos turned out excellent. I was excited and seeing the photos again got me all turned on to do my annual travel painting. I have about decided to do it of one of the Monasteries at Meteora. I always thought I would. They seem to be by far the strongest photos of the group.

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