Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Saturday

After making such a big deal over how much I didn't like "Drag Me To Hell" I got on and read the review from there concerning "Drag'./ I was astonished at the 93% the movie got from their reviewers. Yes,. 93%, I couldn't believe it. What were they thinking? After reading many of their reviews, there on, I have re-thought my impressions and now thing the movie sucked even worse that I thought it did to begin with. I guess I am so longer a "Horror" movie fan, if I ever was.

Peyton and I drove into town this morning for him to get his oil changed and we ate at a little pizza place in the old WalMart shopping area. It has been there forever and surpriseingly I had never been there. Can you believe they give 'seniors' a 25% discount on all purchases? I don't know about Beer, as we didn't order one. Can you believe, 25%? Wow! Oh, by the way, it was two for one pizzas today so we got two 14 inch three topping pizzas and two drinks for just over 14 dollars!

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