Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday,, big mistake, the movie

I drove over to Hiawassee this afternoon and met Peyton. He wanted to go to a movie, I didn't but he talked me into it. "Drag Me To Hell" was the movie he wanted to see and let me tell you it was Hell; to sit there for almost two hours and watch that movie. It was a Horror movie in every sense, horrible to see, and Horrible to listen to. The popcorn however was quite good. That is when you could gag it down considering what all was going on up on the screen. A corpse that continued to make repeated appearances (vomiting maggots and other disgusting things.)Despite repeated abuses from the so called heroine that would have discouraged even a corpse from coming back into the movie, she kept returning. At times it was so comical, stupid and ambarassing I couldn't help laughing out loud. I was the only one in the theater so doing.

When it finally ended we went to a Bric Oven Pizza place and had a pretty good dinner. Salad, hot wings, bread sticks and more was the afternoon special. We enjoyed it although we couldn't quit talking about all the repulsive things that happened in the movie.

All in all I would suggest that if you have a free afternoon and nothing else to do....go fishing and skip "Drag Me To Hell". For sure!

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