Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good grief, I thought yesterday was hot...!

Today seemed even hotter that yesterday. We had a great time with Peyton this weekend. He didn't have play practice and came out for 'Father's Day'. It was fun having him. We drank a few beers and watched a couple of movies, "Valkyrie" and "Miracle at St. Anna's". Both movies were worth the time and we enjoyed them.

Peyton gave me a beard and moustache trimmer for Father's day and helped me cut the top out of a tree that was interfering with our satellite signal. It was a pain to get it cut out but was much easier with him here to help me do it. Thanks Peyton! It was way too hot to attempt the topping of the tree but we wanted to watch the soccer game between USA and Egypt today. The USA won 3-0! My idea of a good game.

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