Monday, July 6, 2009

The Groundhog is dead, long live the Groundhog!

At last this afternoon, when I woke up from what was an all too brief of a brief nap I walked out onto the side porch and there in my garden was the Groundhog running across the garden path. He ran down to the garden house and scampered under the little deck I had built out front. He must have heard me when I opened the screen door because he turned around when he got to the decking and looked back to see what the noise was. When he turned I fired and hit him in the head, he slumped immediately down and never even kicked or anything. The Groundhog, Who had eaten an entire row of Soy Beans and all of my Parsnips is now residing in "Ground Hog Heaven" And I hope he is very happy there.

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