Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have begun to thing perhaps the Groundhog that was eating up my entire garden was not alone. Maybe it was a couple that moved into the garden. There was so much eaten that if there were two Groundhogs it would explain a lot. At the same time I remember how much Bric and Peyton ate when they were adolescents, it was scary! The Hog I killed was obviously a young one but that still doesn't explain the quantity of vegetables he ate. Then this afternoon when I went down to the garden there was a small immature Butternut squash in the middle of the walkway that had been eaten. This was 24 hours after I had shot the groundhog. Another Groundhog would explain a lot that, so far I can't really understand. Hummmmm.

Oh fug, I don't think I can sit out on that deck with my 22 and watch for another Hog in the garden for two of three days. Maybe I should just get a nuclear device and detonate it down there? More Groundhogs would probably come after the fall out cleared up anyway!

By the way, it rained 1/2 inch today! How about 'them' apples?

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