Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I drove over to Brasstown Valley Resort for their seafood buffet. At the bar there I had a nice Gin Gimlet and then went in to eat at their buffet. It was, as usual very good and I enjoyed it a lot. There were a great number of what I would call "senior citizens"there. Although it is pretty expensive $30.00 a head to eat, the food is good and what it lacks in quality is made up for in quantity. Afterwards I went over to the Peacock Playhouse in Hayesville for the performance of "Oklahoma". Not that I am such a fan of community theater, but Peyton was in it playing the part of "Slim". He did very well in the role and even though it was a small part he acted it really well. This was his first experience in acting on the stage. He seemed to be really enjoying himself and he liked most of the other players as far as I could tell and they seemed to like him too. He has become friends with the girl that played the lead and several of the other players as well.

Linda is going back over for the Sunday Matinee because she has not seen him in it yet.

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