Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shower for Marty and Chris.

Yesterday Linda and I drove down to Marty's sculpture studio in Atlanta to a shower for him and Chris. They hired a surrogate to birth their babies and are so excited about the twins arrival, which is in October. It was great to see them and get back in touch after all this time. The twins are a boy and girl, I am happy for them. Rebecca and her husband, Dean were there and we got to catch up with them also.

One time Linda and I were in a restaurant up in Dillard having lunch with Bric and Peyton who were quite small and an old man on a cane walked by and stopped at our table. He looked closely at Bric and Peyton and after a long sigh he said, "Troublesome pleasures aren't they"? I had to agree! Marty and Chris have all this to discover in the coming weeks and years. Plus they now get to know first hand what sleep deprivation really means.

Better them than me!


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