Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This morning I drove over to Oakland Elementary school and helped Linda pack up her room. She has been moved to a new trailer that has a sink. At long last she will have running water in the art room.

This being Wednesday I drove over to meet Peyton in Hiawassee for dinner, as usual. Linda got home in time to ride with me and we ate at Asiano's. It is a very good place to eat if you like Asian food. They have sushi and many other really good and interesting dishes. They are fairly reasonably priced as well.

In the morning there is a man who is suppose to bring us a cord of fire wood. Linda is off work and will stay here to pay the man when he brings it. I will, unfortunately be at the dentist to have another implant, implanted. Really not funny! When I get home I will probably spend the rest of the afternoon stacking the wood up under the covered storage, at least all that will fit.

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