Friday, November 13, 2009

The doctor's office

This morning I had an appointment with my doctor top get the results from my blood test from last week. He said that I was in excellent health and all my numbers were within the acceptable range. My PSA, my cholesterol, my liver function and all the white and red blood cell thingies were all perfect. So, why do I feel so crappy?? Just kidding, I feel really well....knowing that every time I make a statement like that, I come down with the latest disease that Linda brings home from the elementary school where she works. Oh well, at least she has a job, unlike me! Of course I do not want one, even though I have applied at a few of the nearby colleges for a position as Adjunct Professor. I think that might be a lot of fun and a couple of days a week might be just what I need to keep me involved. Of course there are no colleges nearby??????

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