Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today at 9:00 AM I went up to check on Dave's and Lynn's chickens and they are all doing fine. I saw Kathy and she introduced me to a lady living one house on up the mountain from Dave, her name, I think was Joann. She seemed nice. Kathy's new dog is just too cute and so active. He acts like a puppy, white with faun colored spots and freckles all around his face. He looks like a Cocker Spaniel and maybe a Brittany Spaniel mix. Way cute!

It is a beautiful day today, as was yesterday. I am enjoying the sunny weather for a change. I love the rain but occasionally A little sun is beneficial for the soul, not to mention the garden.

Moose ran away this morning down to Hobard's, so Jesse and I drove down and brought him back in the Jeep.

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