Monday, November 2, 2009

Kyle Falls

The falls were really running this afternoon when I walked down the road for the dog's evening outing. The volume was unexpected even though we have had a lot of rain recently.

Dave called and said that two women had stopped at Hobard's and told him that they had seen two Coyotes sneaking up on his two week old calves out in the pasture. Dave went down to see what he could see and there was nothing there. Later Linda was on the phone with a man from India trying to get her Laptop to start working again and during that time Bric, Peyton and Dave called in. Of course she could not switch over and answer because she was afraid she would lose the man from India. So, I drove up to the highest point above Mrs. Woodie's house and called Bric, Peyton and Dave, just to make sure everything was OK. I looked out into the pasture on my way back home and I also saw nothing. It would kill me if the Coyotes got one of those beautiful little calves, they are Red Angus and it's all I can do not to stop and put one of them in my truck and bring it home for the weekend.

You know, Linda has been on the phone talking to some little man in India so much in the last two or three weeks I am beginning to get a little suspicious.

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