Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Movie

Yesterday afternoon late, Linda and I drove over to meet Peyton and go to a movie. Rana had to work and could not join us. I went to See "Book of Eli" and Linda and Peyton went to see, "Up in the Air." I enjoyed my movie but Linda and Peyton came out of theirs seeming less than pleased. They thought it was sort of depressing and just OK altogether, maybe, sort of???

"Book of Eli" was pretty good, disappointing on some levels but still worth the time and money required to see it. The drive to Hiawassee, the entry fee and the required meal afterwards all amounted to a tidy sum. Spending money on a good movie is fine with me, if only this one had been better. It was a hybrid between several movies and books(The Road, Beyond Thunderdome,Fahrenheit 451 and others.) It was less than satisfactory on that level too. The visuals were at times amazing(I loved the Golden Gate Bridge part)and at times mundane. The acting OK, Denzel was Denzel, lopping off heads in a single swipe of his huge scimitar like knife. How do they do that? I once cut the head off of a beaver and it took an ax and most of the afternoon. I really hated that Beaver! The villains, although in desperate need of a dentist, a hair stylist and a hot bath, were all convincing bad and uniformly disgusting. They all looked so much alike, dirty dreads, really bad teeth and rags for clothes. I really couldn't tell them apart. The women however managed to find outfits that exposed their ample cleavage and looked comely despite everything. They of course heaved appropriately which I never mind! Explaining to myself the discrepancy between the men and the women as far as their personal hygiene was concerned, was difficult. In a place where water was almost non existent, what else could you expect, only how did the women managed to look so hot, cleaner with much better teeth. Women always look better that men but the huge disparity was a problem for me.

Where did they get their gasoline? Most of them couldn't read, so who kept all those vehicles repaired? Not that you have to be able to read in order to be a mechanic, but still. Once when I was five I repaired a bike and I certainly couldn't read. They ran up and down the road a lot, so......? Oh, I forgot this was a movie and not real life! All in all I would give it a 6 out of 10, maybe???

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