Friday, January 22, 2010

Oil change

I drove into town this morning and had the oil in the Jeep changed and the brakes checked. It was all fine and over very quickly. Peyton drove over and had lunch with me while they worked on my car. He was in a pretty good mood and we had a pleasant time. On the way in I saw two chickens that had blown out of a truck, one dead and one sitting in the middle of the road dazed and confused. Further towards town I saw Bambi who had been killed, in the middle of the road. What kind of person runs over a tiny dappled baby deer, not three weeks old. Damn!

On the way back home from town I saw Dave turning on Pole Coffee Road and wondered what he was doing over there. After talking to him on the phone after I got home he said he was doing nothing much, just out driving around. We are such aimless old men up here, driving around with nothing much to do. When I am driving around with nothing to do, at least I am doing eighty!

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