Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last night

Yesterday afternoon late Linda and I drove over to Blue Ridge and met Bob, Kathy, Bob, Sue, Scott, Sandy and Bob's sister for dinner at Harvest on Main. We had another really delicious dinner. I had the duck on a bed of red cabbage slaw, mashed sweet potatoes and a ring of acorn squash. It was surrounded with au jus from the roasted duck and superb. I also had the simple house salad for a starter. Linda had the Creme brulee for desert but I was too full. For her dinner she had the Lamb which also was great, she said. There was only one glitch and it almost ruined the meal for everyone and did for some. It had to do with the bill and the wait for it. The restaurant will not divide the bill for more than six people and while I understand the problem there has to be a better answer than what we experienced. The waiter was obviously miffed with the problem and let us know that he was. This as we were deciding his tip. Lynn warned me that there is always a problem when this kind of situation comes up especially when paying with credit but I guess I did not pay close enough attention. There were extenuating circumstances as well, to be explained later. However I for one and Linda had a delightful meal and plan to go back soon.

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